Friday, January 22, 2016

One Word Substitution 1

Find Out from the following which is the write option.

Q-1 A number of Peacocks
(a) Muster (b) Bevy (c) Leap (d) Pack

Q-2 A number of bees living in the same place
(a) Bevy (b) Hive (c) Swarm (d) Troop

Q-3 A number of chickens hatched at the same time
(a) Rookery (b) Brood (c) Barren (d) Troop

Q-4 A number of mules
(a) Rookery (b) Brood (c) Barren (d) Troop

Q-5 A number of kittens
(a) Litter (b) Kindle (c) Troop (d) None of these

Q-6 A number of wild geese or swans in flight
(a) Skein (b) Swarm (c) Congregation (d) Cluster

Q-7 A number of people gathered together for some common purpose
(a) Crowd (b) Choir (c) Bench (d) Gathering

Q-8 A number of disorderly people
(a) Horde (b) Rabble (c) Crew (d) Gang

Q-9 A number of artistes, dancers or acrobats
(a) Troupe (b) Posse (c) Swarm (d) Barren

Q-10 A number of persons, of the same race, character, etc.
(a) Tribe (b) Gang (c) Posse (d) Crew

Q-11 A number of Soldiers
(a) Gang (b) Army (c) Rope (d) Clump

Q-12 A collection of Slaves
(a) Posse (b) Board (c) Gang (d) Hive

Q-13 A number of judges or bishops
(a) Chest (b) Bunting (c) Litter (d) Bench

Q-14 A Collection of books
(a) Collection (b) Library (c) Rope (d) None of these

Q-15 A Collection of Flags
(a) Bouquet (b) Bunting (c) Audience (d) Rookery

Q-16 A number of merchant ships protected by warships
(a) Convoy (b) Cluster (c) Clump (d) Fleet

Q-17 A large collection of trees
(a) Stack (b) Forest (c) Suite (d) Truss

Q-18 A collection of eggs
(a) Clutch (b) Stack (c) Batch (d) Fell

Q-19 A quantity of bread baked at the same time
(a) Truss (b) Batch (c) Carillon (d) None of these

Q-20 A bundle of hay
(a) Set (b) Truss (c) Suite (d) Clutch

Q-21 A set of bells placed together for a tune to be played on them
(a) Hamlet (b) Shock (c) Carillon (d) None of these

Q-22 A group of people who get together to work for some cause or common interest
(a) Host (b) Coterie (c) Team (d) Drove

Q-23 A number of birds, bees or insects moving together
(a) Flight (b) Flock (c) Gam (d) Herd

Q-24 A number of cattle or swine feeding or driven together
(a) Team (b) Litter (c) Cast (d) Kindle

Q-25 A small number of birds, e.g. Partridge
(a) Covey (b) Catch (c) Hive (d) Skein

 1. a 2. b 3. d 4. c 5. b 6. a 7. d 8. c 9. a 10. a
11. b 12. c 13. d 14. b 15. c 16. a 17. b 18. a 19. b 20. b
21. c 22. b 23. a 24. a 25. a

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Word Substitution 2

Choose the option which can be used in place of given sentence:-

Q-1 A general pardon of political offenders.
(a) Amnesty (b) Annual (c) Antonym (d) None

Q-2 Animals with two feet.
(a) Blind (b) Bigot (c) Biped (d) Dumb

Q-3 A place for burial of dead bodies.
(a) Cannibal (b) Cemetery (c) Drawn (d) Deaf

Q-4 A place where medicines are given.
(a) Decade (b) Domicile (c) Drawn (d) Dispensary

Q-5 Having no beginning or end to its existence.
(a) Eternal (b) Egoist (c) Illicit (d) None

Q-6 A substance that kills germs.
(a) Fratricide (b) Germicide (c) Homicide (d) None

Q-7 One who never dies?
(a) Immortal (b) Imitate (c) Honorary (d) None

Q-8 Incapable of being dispensed with.
(a) Indivisible (b) Indefensible (c) Indispensable (d) None

Q-9 Incapable of being altered.
(a) Insecticide (b) Irrevocable (c) Logic (d) None

Q-10 To preserve a dead body.
(a) Mummify (b) Mortal (c) Martyr (d) Matinee

Q-11 Knowing everything.
(a) Opaque (b) Orator (c) Omniscient (d) None

Q-12 The murder of one’s own father.
(a) Patricide (b) Panacea (c) Patriot (d) None

Q-13 Thickly populated.
(a) Portable (b) Populous (c) Polygon (d) None

Q-14 The taking of one’s own life.
(a) Stoic (b) Rave (c) Suicide (d) Solar

Q-15 Favourable to health.
(a) Wholesome (b) Zoo (c) Zoology (d) None

Q-16 Anything that has life.
(a) Atheist (b) Animate (c) Accessible (d) None

Q-17 That which can be blotted out.
(a) Delible (b) Eligible (c) Legal (d) Illegal

Q-18 That which can be read.
(a) Legal (b) Literate (c) Legible (d) None

Q-19 That which can be seen.
(a) Vincible (b) Visible (c) Soluble (d) None

Q-20 A word opposite in meaning to another word.
(a) Antonym (b) Synonym (c) Anthology (d) None

Q-21 That can be heard clearly.
(a) Archives (b) Audible (c) Animate (d) Agenda

Q-22 A place where birds are kept.
(a) Autocracy (b) Barracks (c) Aviary (d) None

Q-23 The dead body of an animal.
(a) Carcass (b) Census (c) Cobbler (d) None

Q-24 Disposal of a dead body by burning.
(a) Crèche (b) Cremation (c) Corpse (d) Cortege

Q-25 Legal termination of marriage.
(a) Divorce (b) Drought (c) Elegy (d) None

1. a 2. c 3. b 4. d 5. a 6. b 7. a 8. c 9. b 10. a
11. c 12. a 13. b 14. c 15. a 16. b 17. a 18. c 19. b 20. a
21. b 22. c 23. a 24. b 25. a

Friday, December 6, 2013

One Word Substitution 3

Choose the option which can be used in place of given sentence
Q-1 The house or shelter of an Arab
(a) Dower (b) Burrow (c) Convent (d) Dairy
Q-2 The house or shelter for a cow
(a) Byre (b) Dairy (c) Kennel (d) Form
Q-3 A residence for nuns
(a) Brewery (b) Burrow (c) Convent (d) Abattoir
Q-4 A Place for housing aero planes
(a) Hanger (b) Factory (c) Depot (d) Garret
Q-5 A place where Government records are kept
(a) Archives (b) Cache (c) Depot (d) Den
Q-6 A place or room for the collection of dried plants
(a) Herbarium (b) Orchard (c) Tannery (d) Laundry
Q-7 A place where goods are stored
(a) Garret (b) Orchard (c) Mint (d) Depot
Q-8 A place where fruit trees are grown
(a) Orchard (b) Drey (c) Convent (d) Orphanage
Q-9 A square Courtyard bounded by buildings
(a)Quadrangle (b) Mosque (c) Casino (d) Mosque
Q-10 A Street opens only at one end
(a) Creche (b) Cul-de-sac (c) Reformatory (d) None
Q-11 A place frequented for reasons of pleasure or health
(a) Paddock (b) Booth (c) Scullery (d)Resort
Q-12 An enclosure adjoining a race – course where horses are kept, before racing
(a) Booth (b) Creel (c) Paddock (d)Ewer
Q-13 A place where plates, dishes, pots and other cooking utensilsare washed up
(a) Scullery (b) Dock (c) Quay (d) Cruet
Q-14 A place where ships are loaded and unloaded
(a) Ewer (b) Quay (c) Sheath (d) Creche
Q-15 A refreshment hall in monasteries and convents
(a) Vivarium (b) Cellar (c) Creel (d)Refectory
Q-16 A room or building for the preservation of sculpture
(a) Caddy (b) Decanter (c) Glyptotheca (d) Paddock
Q-17 A receptacle case for holding papers, drawings, etc.
(a) Bunker (b) Caddy (c) Butt (d) Creel
Q-18 A portable case for holding papers, drawings etc.
(a) Portfolio (b) Cruet (c) Sheath (d) Ewer
Q-19 A lady’s handbag or workbag
(a) Cruet (b) Reticule (c) Cellar (d) Dock
Q-20 A case in which the blade of a sword is kept
(a) Booth (b) Resort (c) Mosque (d) Sheath
Q-21 A place where fishes are kept
(a) Aquarium (b) Dower (c) Den (d) Form
Q-22 The house or shelter of a gipsy
(a) Kennel (b) Caravan (c) Burrow (d) Convent
Q-23 The resting place of a wild animal
(a) Dairy (b) Lair (c) Depot (d) Cache
Q-24 A place where clothes are washed and ironed
(a) Laundry (b) Tannery (c) Mint (d) Orchard
Q-25 A place or room for the collection of dried plants
(a) Garret (b) Stable (c) Incinerator (d) None
Answers:- 1. a 2.a 3. c 4. a 5. a 6. d 7. d 8. a 9.a 10. b
11. d 12. c 13. a 14. b 15. d 16. c 17. a 18. a 19. b 20. d
21. a 22. b 23. b 24. b 25. c